Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CFP: DSE 2015 in Chicago!

Disability Studies In Education: What It Is, Who Decides, and Why It Matters 
Fifteenth Annual Second City DSE Conference
National Louis University in Chicago
April 14-15, 2015 

CFP: Abstract proposals due February 16, 2015, a Monday. 

...special education is not a solution to the “problem” of disability, it is the problem. (Linton, 2006, p. 161) 


What is disability studies in education? Who makes decisions about what it is, what it involves, what kind of research and scholarship it entails? And why does it matter?

It could be argued that there have been two waves of scholarship and research in the still nascent field we’ve come to call disability studies in education. The first wave came before disability studies was a thing (Taylor, 2006), and was undertaken by a variety of people critical of special education. The second, most recent wave, began in 1999, with a meeting at TASH, the formation of an AERA Special Interest Group, and the creation of an international conference on the topic held each year since then. This second wave is old enough to have had some histories written about it – and as with all histories, they establish a dominant discourse, boundaries of the field, and scope of questions to be asked. 

It could be argued that a third wave of disability studies in education is in the offing, or has already begun. What will this third wave look like? What will its dominant discourse be? To whom will it be accountable? What research and scholarship interests will it explore? What questions will it ask? Will it (and if so, how) problematize the work of first and second wave disability studies in education projects? And what activist projects will it undertake? 

Please join us to talk about these and other revolutionary and subversive topics of disability studies in education as the Second City DSE Conference comes back to its Chicago roots. Preference is given to items relating to the theme, but your work likely relates to it at least loosely, or can be located in one of the waves. 


To THIS EMAIL ACCOUNT (click here), DSE2015 at outlook dot com, please send your one-page abstract with separate cover page including: title, list of presenters, institutional affiliations (if any), and email contact info. Deadline is Monday, February 16th, 2015. 

Authors will be notified of acceptance status on March 2nd. Successful proposals will be reprinted in the program as submitted. Thank you very much for your participation! 

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago, and making history together.

UPDATE: The conference will probably start around eight in the morning each day, with a break for dinner, then convening everyone together each night at 6pm in the big atrium for drinks, dessert, awards and Town Hall.

Another Update: Thanks to David Connor for noticing that we were a year off; it's the 15th year!

UPDATED UPDATE: The above schedule is true for day 2 and most of day 1, with the difference being that day 1 will start at 1pm, so people can fly in that morning instead of having to get another night of hotel.